I photograph African and South American nature and native cultures: traditional, tribal life, daily activities, indigenous people. I am not staging action, but instead I let impromptu situations happen, getting a feeling as close as possible of life in villages or of interaction with the environment, not imposing my presence. Some of the ethnic groups photographed are no longer accessible or their way of life has changed drastically, which adds to their documentary value.

Images of tropical nature show the relationship between the elements of the picture, taking an ecological approach: biomes, ecology: rainforest and deforestation, savanna, desert, aquatic, mountain vegetation; life forms.

Economy of Brazil: mining, tourism, agriculture, industry.

My markets for stock photography are education (online and textbooks) and travel publications; I am careful to correctly identify photographs with scientific name whenever relevant and possible, consulting specialists. I will do additional research if requested.

Besides the main galleries of tropical cultures and tropical nature, I present smaller galleries of Europe and USA, of Asia and of automobile racing and rally.

Africa and South American Indians galleries (Sahel, Congo, Guiana Highlands) are divided into ethnic or regional groups, adding images from my files.

A page of links and books presents related scientific articles written by specialists, verified for legitimacy.

Additional or peripheral information with links to relevant articles or books on some galleries (presently: Africa: People of the Sahel - Kanem and Lake Chad and The Hoti of the Guiana Highlands of Venezuela) can be found in my blog.